South Georgia Archives

The South Georgia Archives at Thronateeska Heritage Center is dedicated to collecting and caring for the archives and artifacts that tell the story of Albany and Southwest Georgia’s history. From applying restoration techniques and proper storage, to creating a digital database record of all items, to displaying the items in our History and Science Museums, we strive to preserve and share your history with you.

Research Services

Need help finding historic records? Click here for our research request form.

Records Management Services

In support of the City of Albany and Dougherty County, we scan permanent documents, such as Meeting Minutes, Ordinances, and Resolutions into a searchable database. We also manage documents based on the GA Secretary of State Retention Schedules.

Darsey Private School Transcripts

Due to the closure of Darsey Private School in 2010, the South Georgia Archives has become the custodian of its student transcripts. Click here to access our transcript request form. Request forms are accepted via mail or fax.

Our Mission:

Thronateeska Heritage Center inspires wonder and stimulates exploration of science and South Georgia's history by providing a dynamic learning experience through an interactive science center and museum.