Printable activities

Make a Constellation Viewer: Click here

Day and Night observations: Click here

Sun Time: Click here

Testing Temperatures: Click here

Three States of Matter: Click here

Click here for NASA's Space Place coloring sheets(links to third party site)

Planetarium shows

Thanks to a special arrangement with our distributor, Spitz, Inc., we are pleased to be able to offer you the following planetarium shows for FREE in-home viewing. Show links will be valid for the length of the COVID-19 shutdown, at least through May 1 and possibly longer as conditions evolve. For content security, there is a periodic text watermark that scrolls by. It's not very intrusive, but don't be alarmed if you see it. Please also note that the following are all third party links.

Dinosaurs at Dusk: Show

Faster Than Light: Show & Educator Guide

Solar Superstorms: Show & Educator Guide

The Zula Patrol: Under The Weather: Show & Activities

Birth of Planet Earth: Show & Educator Guide

Dynamic Earth: Show & Educator Guide

Supervolcanoes: Show & Educator Guide

The Zula Patrol: Down to Earth: Show & Educator Guide

Piano Under the Stars: Show

In the best interest of overall wellness for our community, our guests, and our staffs, Thronateeska Heritage Center will be closed until further notice.

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